I'm in Turbo Diesel Register magazine! Issue #81 has my article about transmission fluids in it. If you're interested in some extremely good technical information about Cummins powered trucks, I highly recommend you get a free issue by clicking the link below and checking it out. I promise that it's a thousand times better than the other "Diesel" magazines you've heard of.

I'm a life member of Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association. As far as I'm concerned, these associations are some of the few that are fighting to protect our constitional rights. I personally believe GOA is better than the NRA for action, but it takes everything we got to keep the gun grabbers from taking away our constitutional right to protect ourselves and our families. Even if you don't want to join either group, sign up for the e-mail alerts and use their free systems to sign petitions and contact your representatives to let them know how America really feels.


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