Oil Analysis Reports

All oil analysis reports listed below (by mileage) were performed by Blackstone Laboratories.

2,585 7,481 14,557 22,140 29,853
37,684 45,168 48,596 56,051 64,113
71,935 79,490 86,199 94,213 101,571
109,128 110,857 118,434

Virgin (unused) Valvoline Premium Blue 15w-40 Oil Analysis with TBN

Maintenance History

Date Mileage Comments
11 Sep 2016 117,257 I installed a Synergy Mfg Steering Brace P/N 8558-04.  The brace immediately tightened up the steering on my truck and took away about half of the play in the steering wheel.
21 Aug 2016 116,875 I installed a set of AMP Research power steps, model 75101-01A that I got from Geno's Garage on my truck.  I set the spacing at 13" from the back bracket instead of the 11" that were in the instructions.  I felt like the factory measurements put the steps too close to the front tire.  These steps are extremely strong and tuck completely under the truck so you can't even see them when they're not deployed.  I highly recommend a set of these to anybody who needs steps.
22 Jul 2016 113,802 My heater core bypass valve started to leak badly.  I had to remove the valve from the truck.  I reinstalled the factory heater core lines and returned the truck to factory spec.  The new aluminum HVAC doors seal so well, that I feel like I no longer need to run a heater core bypass valve.
30 May 2016 112,861 I remove the HVAC box from the truck and replaced the evaporator core with a Four Seasons 54964 and all the plastic doors were replaced with a full aluminum set from Blend Door USA.
12 May 2016 112,594 I went to Patterson Dodge in Wichita Falls and had them evac the HVAC system to prepare for disassembly.  They were only able to pull 0.34 lbs. of refrigerant out.  I've got a leak, and it looks like the evaporator core is the culprit.  Looks like I've got one more thing to replace.
27 Apr 2016 112,345 The Silver Star brake light bulbs that I put in my truck did not last very long and one on the passenger side has blown.  I replaced both bulbs with standard 3157 long life bulbs from the auto parts store.
15 Apr 2016 112,023 My A/C started to get warm and lost a substantial amount of air flow.  I suspect one of the blend doors has broken and is blocking the air flow. I plan on replacing all the doors with something stronger than the factory plastic.
19 Mar 2016 110,857 Replaced the air filter, CCV filter (first time ever) and fuel filter.  I also did an engine oil and filter change. This was the oil that was put in after the head gasket change. I left it in long enough to wash out any contaminates that might have gotten in the engine during the process and changed it after a few heat cycles on the engine.
18 Mar 2016 110,835 I had the tires rotated and a faulty tire pressure sensor replaced.  The tire pressure light has been on for a long time and now it's finally off.
06 Mar 2016 110,484 I installed the Edge Insight CTS2 (84130) in the truck.  I utilized the OEM SRT-10 A-pillar with the gauge pod and the insight universal gauge pod adapter (98004). I have not installed any additional sensors for the CTS2 yet.
05 Mar 2016 110,454 I got the head back from the machine shop.  They had to shave 0.012" off of it to get it flat again.  They also re-ground all the valves and put in new valve seals.  I reinstalled the head on the truck using a new Cummins top-end gasket kit.  Every gasket that was taken apart was replaced. I utilized a set of ARP 2000 head studs to hold it all together.  Studs were step-torqued 50-75-100-115-125 ft. lbs. and then broke loose and re-torqued to 125 ft. lbs. three times to account for bolt stretch.  All valves were adjusted to factor specs. The oil was changed after the head was back on the truck.
01 Mar 2016 110,454 While the truck is torn apart for the head gasket, I figured it would be a good time to tackle the front axle pinion seal.  I utilized parts from AAM instead of through Dodge because you can't get all the required parts through Dodge.  I used AAM pinion seal kit 74020009. This kit contains: pinion seal 40017140, pinion spacer (crush sleeve) 14012691, pinion nut 9783762, and pinion sleeve 26060975. You can't order the pinion sleeve through Dodge, they require you to buy a new yolk assembly instead.  I didn't have to use the pinion spacer because I wasn't tearing down the axle that far.
27 Feb 2016 110,454 I tore the truck apart and pulled the head to replace the head gasket.  I'm going to send it off to the machine shop while it's off to get refurbished and surfaced. 
20 Feb 2016 110,330 My front axle pinion seal has been slowly seeping fluid for a while, but has finally started to leak bad enough to drip from the axle and warrant a replacement. I'll tackle this project after the head gasket is taken care of.  Until then, I'll just monitor the fluid level closely to make sure it doesn't go dry.  It is currently about 1/2" below the fill hole.
15 Feb 2016 110,221 I installed the bracket I got for the center jump seat.  I was able to get the seat bolted in on 3 corners which makes it pretty stable.  I was also able to get the seat belt installed for center seat.
17 Jan 2015 109,963 I towed the local boy scout troop's trailer to and from their camping trip in Ft. Richardson, TX. After we got back home from bringing the trailer back, I happened to notice some residue of dried coolant in the engine bay while washing the truck. My coolant system had pressurized itself and burped coolant out of the overflow.  This is a sure sign of a head gasket leak in a 6.7L.  I'm going to replace the head gasket, get the head decked, and install some head studs to permanently fix this this issue. I'm going to wait until taxes come back to tackle this project.
12 Dec 2015 109,128 Oil and filter change.
08 Nov 2015 108,513 I got my new wiring harness for the front seats.  I spliced it together with the OEM harness on the bottom of the 4th gen driver's seat to make a complete plug-and-play harness so I didn't have to modify the truck's harness at all. I installed both front seats and the center console, but the console is only bolted on the passenger side because there are no driver's side brackets for a 4th gen.  I'm going to order another bracket and see if I can make the center console bolt into the driver's side later on. I also left a +12V wire and a ground wire available so I could get the power outlets in the console working.
05 Nov 2015 108,486 I took the truck to the local Dodge dealership, Patterson Dodge in Wichita Falls, for the N49 (tie-rods) and R25 (air bag) recalls.  Dodge replaced the entire steering linkage system from wheel to wheel (not the drag link) with a much larger system. They also replaced the driver's side air bag inflator. While in the dealership, they managed to rip off my driver's side grab handle (it was getting loose) so they installed a new one free of charge.
01 Nov 2015 108,454 I acquired a set of seats from a 2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab truck.  I installed the 60/40 split rear seats first since I thought they would be the easiest.  I had to modify the brackets on the back wall, but other than they literally bolted right in.  I kept the 3rd gen fold flats instead of going with the 4th gen because the older style are metal while the newer ones are completely plastic.  The new seats are amazingly comfortable, I can't wait to get the fronts installed once the new wiring harness comes in.
12 Sep 2015 107,619 My original clutch was getting excessively noisy while holding it down.  It sounded like the throw-out bearing was about to fall apart.  Instead of just replacing the bearing, I decided that I wanted to upgrade from the old clutch that had two feramic disks that was fairly grabby, to the new dual material that had one feramic and one organic.  South Bend Clutch hooked me up with a new SDD3250-GK clutch.  I replaced the old clutch in the driveway using a short transmission jack.  The new clutch is much quieter, significantly smoother, and has a slightly lighter pedal pressure than the old style.  Overall, I am extremely happy with the new dual friction clutch. 
26 May 2015 101,641 The bezel that goes around the windows switches on the driver's door broke loose. All the plastic tabs that hold it in place snapped off and it popped out of the door.  I went to the local Dodge dealership and found out that they had one in stock.  It was part number 5HZ7 1XDH AE - 001 and it cost me $41.00. I replaced it as soon as I got home.
23 May 2015  101,571 Oil change and fuel filter change.
24 Apr 2015 100,633 I finally got tired of the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires that I put on my truck. I had them balanced a total of 6 times and they still wobbled when I got up to highway speed.  I replaced them with a set of 295/70R18 Toyo Open Country AT2s. These tires are quieter, smoother, and are actually balanced at highway speed.  The only downside is that the sidewall is softer and the truck sways a little more than it did with the Nittos.  Overall, I am extremely happy with the Toyos and prefer them over the Nittos I previously had.
16 Apr 2015 100,352 I took my truck to have the tires re-balanced again.  The shop broke 3 lug studs on the right front wheel.  All 3 studs were replaced by the shop at no cost to me.
08 Apr 2015 100,000 My truck hit 100,000 miles today. This was during a road trip and I had to pull off the highway to get a picture of the odometer.
06 Apr 2015 99,018 My truck let me down this morning when it wouldn't start.  I stopped by the local Tractor Supply and picked up a new pair of batteries for it.
03 Apr 2015 98,029 I finally got my door dent that happened in 2012 fixed.  I dropped it off by the body shop and picked it up today.  The shop that did the work was Prestige Paint and Body in Wichita Falls, TX.  They re-skinned the driver's door and straightened the front quarter panel. They did an amazing job and my truck looks like new again.
06 Mar 2015 97,730 The right side rear brake light bulb blew.  I replaced both brake light bulbs with Silver Star 3157 bulbs.  I also replaced both windshield wipers with a new set of 24" Bosch Icons.
22 Feb 2015 97,626 I installed the light bar that goes under the tailgate for dual wheel trucks. It was an OEM light, part # 55277299AB. There is an article on the sight detailing the installation.
10 Feb 2015 97,443 Replaced my 295/70R18 Nitto Terra Grapplers with a new set of 295/70R18 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires. My old set of tires measured 2/32 on each front tire and 3/32 on each back tire. A new set measures 16/32. I got a total of 51,662 miles on them.
03 Aug 2014 94,213 Oil change.
31 May 2014 86,199 Oil change and fuel filter change.
26 May 2014 86,120 While climbing under the truck to do a routine fluid level check (differentials, transmission, and transfer case) I happen to look at my transmission mount and discovered that both bolts that hold the mount to the transmission had sheared off in the transmission. There was nothing supporting the rear of my transmission. I used my left-hand drill bits and removed the broken bolts. They were replaced with some grade 12.9 M10-1.50x30mm bolts.
20 Jan 2014 82,116 I fabricated some super-bright reverse lights for the truck. I took some model 886 50W halogen fog light bulbs and cut them down to fit in the stock housing. Now I can actually see behind me at night when I back up.
07 Dec 2013 80,989 We had a big winter snow storm and I went out and started my truck to let it warm up. When the snow and ice melted off of my windshield, I noticed a single large crack running most of the way across my windshield. I called the insurance company and they dispatched a glass company to my house and replaced the front windshield free of charge.
21 Oct 2013 80,547 Came home from work and found the front plate of my air conditioner clutch laying in my driveway. The single bolt in the center that holds it in place sheared off and it fell off. I was lucky enough to find it in my driveway instead of it falling off on the road somewhere. I drilled out the center bolt with some left-hand drill bits and replaced it with a grade 12.9 M6-1.0x25mm bolt.
12 Aug 2013 79,490 Oil change and tire rotation. Used WIX filter P/N 57620.
20 Apr 2013 71,935 Oil change and tire rotation.
20 Jan 2013 70,354 I replaced the ATF+4 in my transmission with 7 quarts of MobilTrans SHC DC that I got from EMAC2 in Columbia, SC. MobilTrans SHC DC is what Getrag (manufacturer of the transmission) recommends for use. After I did the trans oil comparison article (posted on the site) the decision to change to this fluid was easy. Give it a read and see if you agree.
23 Oct 2012 66,104 I was visiting my grandparents and while I was there my grandmother just happened to back her Lincoln into the driver's side front door of my truck. There's no structural damage, but the door and the front quarter panel have a pretty nasty crease in them. The door opens and closes fine and everything works, so I'm not to worried about getting it fixed right away.
29 Aug 2012 64,113 Oil change and tire rotation.
02 Jul 2012 61,568 Noticed 1 ea. broken lug studs on each front wheel. While removing tires to change studs, 3 more from each side broke off. I had a total of 8 broken lug studs on the front tires. To remedy this issue, all lug studs (32 total) on the truck were changed.
21 Apr 2012 57,184 Found my left-hand rear tail light was out. I replaced the brake light bulbs on both side just to be on the safe side.
06 Apr 2012 56,051 Oil change and tire rotation. Oil analysis report posted above.
06 Apr 2012 56,032 After I got home from the dealership I decided to replace my rear drive shaft seal. I guess the seal must have been compromised when I removed/installed the driveshaft for the u-joints. I removed the drive shaft again and replaced the seal. The seal is simply tapped out with a punch and the new one taps in place, no transfer case disassembly is required. After the seal was replaced, the fluid level was checked, no make-up fluid was needed.
06 Apr 2012 56,014 Went to the local Dodge dealership to have the L16 recall performed. This is the one involving the steering tie-rods on the front of the truck. They replaced the left side tie-rod and re-aligned the truck for me. No out of pocket cost for a recall. I also noticed that my rear-transfer case seal was leaking after my driveshaft was reinstalled, so I ordered a new seal while I was there.
04 Apr 2012 55,899 The rear universal joint in the rear driveshaft started to squeak. Since the factory u-joints were glued in with melted nylon retainers (I'm not kidding, they really are) I decided to replace them with standard snap rings. I also wanted to get the driveshaft re-balanced due to the new hardware. I called CSR Driveshafts in Charleston, SC to check on getting the shaft balanced. They informed me that they would change the u-joints for free if I had the shaft balanced there. So I dropped off the driveshaft with two new Spicer u-joints and got it back later that day fully repaired, balanced, and they even put a free coat of paint on it.
31 Mar 2012 55,807 The truck loan has been paid in full! I now officially own my truck!
17 Mar 2012 55,507 Relocated the big part of the wiring harness beside the brake master cylinder that had the huge plugs on it, to the area directly behind where it was. It makes the engine bay look so much better. It's a simple process and there is an article detailing the process.
14 Jan 2012 50,180 Had a TPMS fault show up. Had to go to the dealership to read the code and came up with "C151D -Tire Pressure Sensor Location Undetermined". I followed the fault tree in the service manual and isolated it down to a faulty WCM/SKREEM module. I'll fix it later because I don't have time to take the truck in to get the new module programmed.
06 Jan 2012 49,974 Got my new WeatherTech floor mats and installed them in the truck. There are a few pictures on the site. These things are sweet and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for some floor mats.
03 Jan 2012 49,932 Performed the EGR cooler delete using the kit from Sinister Diesel. The entire process is documented on the site and I believe my way is easier than most of the instructions found on the internet and doesn't require any special tools.
26 Nov 2011 48,596 Oil changed early due to excessive idle time and slow speed driving while working the Costal Carolina Fair. Rotated tires and changed fuel filter.
20 Oct 2011 47,842 The flares started rubbing the paint off where they contacted the body, so I had some 3M Ventureshield installed on the truck under the flares. There's an article about it on the site.
06 Oct 2011 46,892 Installed a set of Bushwacker pocket style fender flares on the truck.
24 Sep 2011 45,781 Installed XD Spy series 18" x 8.5" wheels with 295/70R18 Nitto Terra Grapplers. (approximately 34.5" x 11.5") Also installed 4 new tire sensors so I didn't have to remove the ones from my old rims.
06 Sep 2011 46,168 Oil change #7 performed. My oil analysis showed high levels of aluminum and potassium in the oil. I think I might have slightly lifted the head a little on my last big tow. I guess it's time to put in some studs and a new gasket and have the head decked. Keep a look out for a new article here in the next few months. Oil analysis is posted above.
12 Jul 2011 41,182 Changed the transmission and transfer case fluids. Replaced with Castrol ATF+4. Transmission held 6 quarts and I overfilled to 7 quarts, transfer case held 3 quarts. Old fluid was dark colored, but not black and didn't smell burnt. While I was working on the truck, I put a new air filter on as well.
09 May 2011 37,684 6th oil change performed. Blackstone was even able to detect where I had my EGR re-installed for 4 days while I got some warranty work accomplished on 29 December 2010. I'm highly impressed with their quality.
27 Mar 2011 35,243 Installed a B&W turnover ball goose neck trailer hitch in the truck. Rated for 30,000 lbs. trailer weight. I love this hitch.
20 Feb 2011 32,783 Received the electrical connectors to plug all the wiring from the DPF delete. Installed immediately.
12 Feb 2011 32,612 Installed the MyGIG REN non-navigation radio and the Coastal Tech MyGIG Lockpick adapter. I got this unit for free from a local Dodge dealer because it was a take-out model from somebody upgrading to the navigation radio. I purchased the Lockpick off of eBay. Overall I am extremely disappointed in this unit. The sound quality is bad and has a lot of distortion and artifacts in it. The graphical interface is extremely blocky and doesn't flow very well. I plan on replacing this unit with an aftermarket one. If you plan on doing this mod, I highly suggest skipping the MyGIG and going with an aftermarket unit from the start. The price is about the same and the aftermarket will out perform this thing in every way.
30 Jan 2011 32,587 Installed my "stealth" DPF delete system. I acquired a full OEM exhaust system and bored a 4 1/2 inch hole through the DPF and NOX filter and completely punched out the CAT in the downpipe. While it was off, I sanded the entire thing and painted it with black VHT Flameproof ceramic based paint. The entire system was reinstalled, including the muffler. There is absolutely NO sound change. It's still as quiet as stock, I'm actually a little disappointed. I'll see about modifying it later. My stock system is still intact and is currently collecting dust in the shed.
25 Jan 2011 32,409 Installed a set of 24 inch Bosh Icon wiper blades. These things are expensive but are worth every penny. Part Number 424A.
12 Jan 2011 32,067 Installed my SDD3250-GK dual disk South Bend clutch with the SSS .750 hydraulics upgrade. Complete install article is posted on the "Articles" tab. I noticed mild clutch chatter and mildly heavier clutch pedal feel. Overall I'm extremely happy with this clutch.
29 Dec 2010 31,841 Put all my EGR crap back on to have the J35 recall performed. I also had the dealership replace the driver's side and center seat brackets due to surface rust and got two new batteries because mine were leaking. The dealership neglected to clean all the corrosion off of the battery terminals when they put the new batteries on, so I had to clean everything when I got home.
24 Dec 2010 31,726 I received my S67 Smarty tuner for the truck! I decided to load up SW4 on the 23S version since I don't have a delete pipe on it yet. I took it for a spin and I found out on my first 6th gear pull that the stock clutch just wasn't going to hold it. I guess I'll be putting in the new South Bend 3250 next week.
11 Nov 2010 29,853 5th oil change performed and got the tires rotated. The report is posted above. Everything is still looking good.
11 Jul 2010 24,697 I performed the heater core bypass mod to the truck. This made an impressive difference in the vent output temperature. Details are in the A/C Performance Upgrade article.
19 Jun 2010 24,077 I was hauling our dirt bikes back from a day of riding and neglected to tie up the loose end of one of the ratchet straps. While I was driving down the highway, that loose end somehow made it's way down between the cab and the bed and wrapped around the driveshaft. It ripped the strap (2,000 lb. rating) in half right at the ratchet. This caused a nice crease in the front wall of my bed and I almost lost one of the bikes. I'm just glad it didn't rip above the ratchet because that would have sent the entire assembly through my back window. The bad news is the damage to my bed, the good news is apparently truck's driveshaft is pretty strong. I straightened the dent out to the best of my ability without removing the bed. It's not so bad now.
23 May 2010 22,140 4th oil change performed. Oil analysis is posted above. So far everything looks good.
01 Jan 2010 14,557 Performed the 3rd oil change on my truck and rotated the tires. Oil analysis posted above.
12 Oct 2009 10632 Installed the automatic exhaust brake switch relay. I no longer have to manually turn on the exhaust brake when I start the truck, it does it by itself.
26 Sep 2009 10200 I got Line-X sprayed in my truck today. I was allowed to document the entire process for my web page. This thing looks amazing. I am thoroughly satisfied with the Line-X and with the work that Tri-County Line-X did. Highly recommended.
19 Sep 2009 9955 Finally received my insurance claim check and got it deposited in my bank account. I didn't want to touch the truck until I got paid for the damage. So I spent about two hours today knocking out the dent. It actually turned out pretty well. You really have to look hard to see any remains of the dent. It's nothing that a good Line-X won't cover.
26 Aug 2009 9080 Dropped off a crate containing cylinder heads from my old 6.0L Powerstroke at a freight terminal for shipment. While attempting to unload the crate, the forklift driver managed to collide with my tailgate while it was down. Thus leaving a huge dent on the top edge. I filed a claim with their insurance company to cover the damage. I plan to knock out the dent myself and use the check to get Line-X sprayed in the truck.
15 Jul 2009 7610 Removed the EGR system after my trip to the dealership. While I was under the hood I removed the baffle from the intake system. I also grounded the wire required to enable the high idle with a 6-speed transmission.
11 Jul 2009 7481 Immediately upon returning from the dealership,  I decided to perform the second oil change on my truck. I used the same oil and filter as last time, only this time I installed the Fumoto drain valve on the truck. This thing makes oil changes and samples super easy and clean. Highly recommended. I also performed another oil analysis. 
11 Jul 2009 7466 I decided that my air conditioner in the truck absolutely sucks. So I re-installed my EGR system and took the truck back to the dealership to have them check out the air conditioner. Came to find out that everything is within specifications and working as it should. This is not acceptable to me so now I have a mission to improve the A/C in my truck. I'll write something up when I get more details and find something that works. While I was at the dealership, I had them enable my fog lights with high beams and the PTO high idle. Ended up costing me $31.90 to have them enable the options in the computer.
23 May 2009 3243 Received the new TTT mirrors in the mail. Immediately installed on my truck. I can not even begin to describe the improvement these things make over the factory crap mirrors. Cost me a grand total of $14.73 (shipping) and a couple hours of my life.
19 May 2009 3243 Organized a trade with a friend for my factory flip-style mirrors for his TTT mirrors. Not really sure why he wanted to get rid of the mirrors but I'm all in. I removed my mirrors from my truck and mailed them up to him. He did the same.
25 Apr 2009 2585 First oil change on the new truck. Replaced filter with Fleetguard #LF3972 ($9.50)  and oil with Valvoline Premium Blue 15w-40 ($12.99/gallon) purchased from Cummins. Had oil analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories and found excessive wear metals and 6.5% fuel dilution. This is directly contributed to the new engine break in period and is the sole reason for doing the first oil change early.
18 Apr 2009 2401 Removed the EGR servo valve and the cross-over tube. Installed block off plates purchased from eBay for $69.00.
05 Apr 2009 1903 Disabled the seatbelt dinger using a paperclip.
05 Apr 2009 1903 Removed all the badges from my truck. Includes: "Hendrick Dodge" "Big Horn" "BlueTec" "4X4" Ram" & "2500 Heavy Duty." Total expense was $39.69 for the eraser wheel and 2.99 for the bottle of "Goo Gone."
12 Feb 2009 534 Traded in my 2003 Ford F-350 6.0L for a new 2008 Dodge Ram 2500, 6.7L 6-speed. I got the truck for 32k plus they gave me 10k trade on my old POS. Just for reference, the truck was on its 4th engine in 122k miles.